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Citizen Science: Reporting on Wisconsin’s geologic outcrops

Beginning in 1976, geologists at the Survey prepared over 100 descriptions of outcrops from around the state. These outcrops showed important or typical geologic formations, features, and characteristics.

A lot has changed since the descriptions were first written. Narrow roads have been made into 4-lane highways, bypasses have been routed around interesting geology, and roadcuts have been graded and seeded to prevent rock and debris slides. Some of our original outcrops may just be on “old highway xx”; some are on dangerous side roads; some are covered over and lost.

Help us enrich this collection by visiting these outcrops and updating the information. If you send us digital photos of the outcrops, we'll post them along with the descriptions.

What's involved:

1. Pick one of the outcrops on the map below that you would like to investigate. On the Google map below, blue balloons identify locations of old outcrop descriptions; red thumbtacks identify outcrops that have already been updated.
2. Use Google Maps to see if you can “virtually” visit the outcrop. screenshot showing where to find PDF
3. Print a copy of the PDF of the outcrop description found within the Google Map tag to take with you.
4. Pack your camera, a notebook, the outcrop description, and a copy of the Citizen Science field notes, find the outcrop and start reporting! (Take a look at our tips page for some suggestions to help you update the outcrop descriptions.)
5. When you've completed your field work, report your findings and upload photos to our database.
Useful links:
Field notes form—print a copy to take with you
Upload photos and notes—report your findings here

Thanks for all your help!

View Geologic Outcrops of Wisconsin Map in a larger map